Beaver Dam Farm Sunflower Festival sees record number of visitors

BUCHANAN, Va. – This year was record-breaking for the Beaver Dam Farm Sunflower Festival.

Thousands of people went to the festival, which lasted for a week. Around 6,400 people attended the festival on Saturday. That’s 1,400 more people they’ve ever had attend in a single day.

Founder Candace Monaghan said that weather forced the farm to close on the last day, Sunday, but she’s happy the sunflowers were enjoyed by so many people this year.

“Everybody’s face is just kind of the same, they’re just kind of in awe,” Monaghan said. “We were able to plant 700,000 seeds this year so about 100,000 more than last year but just to see everybody light up and not believe what they are seeing, just the sea of yellow.”

Monaghan said the sunflowers will be turned into birdseed when it dries up in December. Seed bags will be sold in a few local stores.

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