More conflict over LGBTQ+ policies in Roanoke County schools

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Roanoke County community members are continuing to voice their opinions about recently passed LGBTQ+ school policies.

LGBTQ+ supporters came to the school board meeting Thursday night and said they want the school board to repeal the transgender policies they passed in August.

The policies say students should be referred to by the name and pronouns on their official records unless they have parents’ consent.

Before the school board meeting even took place, LGBTQ+ supporters gathered for a demonstration, and counter-protestors or school board supporters met outside too.

“We think this could cause harm,” LGBTQ+ supporter Xander Barnes said. “I mean obviously some students have abusive parents. Some students just aren’t comfortable being out to their parents.”

Others said they support the policy. Pastor Thomas McCracken said he feels this is a biblical issue, and he’s against the backlash the school board is receiving.

“Because of what the school board is going through we just decided to show our support through prayer and encouragement,” McCracken said.

Dozens of people came to the podium to share their viewpoints on Thursday night, but the meeting was relatively calm, unlike the past couple of meetings where people were arrested after heated exchanges.

The school board addressed the comments briefly during Thursday’s meeting, saying that they’ve been listening to everyone, even people they don’t agree with, and they’re making all efforts to make sure kids continue to receive a good education.

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