Vegg Inc. and Mova Technologies to revitalize historic buildings in Pulaski

PULASKI Va. – Two companies in the New River Valley are looking to revitalize buildings and at the same time, create produce.

Vegg Inc. and Mova Technologies are working together to revamp the Historic Jefferson Building in Pulaski to house vertical farming.

They plan to grow plants suspended in nutrient-rich water and use LED lights.

Vertical farming also decreases the growing risk and impact of natural disasters on food sources.

“This is a way to create jobs in an industry that I think is a natural fit for Southwest Virginia, being farming, it’s just a future way of looking at it, we’re losing thousands of acres of farmland per year,” said Luke Allison, with Vegg Inc. and Mova Technologies.

Leaders hope to have the site ready by late next year and once operational, it would be the only fossil fuel-free vertical farming facility.

About the Author:

Duke Carter returned to 10 News in January 2022.