How long is Halloween candy good for?

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Children all across the country head out on Halloween to trick or treat, and parents may be wondering, how long is all of that candy good for?

Experts at Virginia Tech said you’re in the clear for longer than you may think.

Here's what to do with that leftover Halloween candy! (Pixabay 2022)

Most candies are good for six months to a year if stored at room temperature.

Alexis Hamilton, Asst. Professor of Food Safety at Virginia Tech said it’s easy to tell when candy isn’t good anymore – if it has a weird smell or look, throw it out.

“For most of them, they can last anywhere from six months to a year, so if you find a rogue piece of candy under their bed in two months, no need to panic, it’s still safe to eat,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said handmade goodies should be eaten shortly after they’re made.

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