Oh deer! Awful Arthur’s gets wild guest at the bar

SALEM, Va. – An unexpected customer at a local restaurant.

A deer crashed through a glass door, running through the dining room and kitchen at Awful Arthur’s.

One lady was in shock when the doe crashed through the door. All she could do was take out her phone to record.

“I started talking to the bartender,” said Phoenix St. Clair, who was there Wednesday evening.

St. Clair was in the process of relaxing with coworkers and having a drink when the incident happened.

“All of a sudden I hear there’s a deer in here, and we’re all like what,” St. Clair said.

Security video shows the doe busting through the front door of Awful Arthur’s. The doe then dashed about looking for an exit, which just happened to be through a crowd of people.

“Everyone just goes into shock mode, I stood to the side because I was nervous, I was not trying to be in line of fire of the deer running out,” St. Clair said.

Christina Twine works at Awful Arthur’s and was eating dinner when she saw the doe.

“I heard a big loud bang that resembled a gunshot, but I wasn’t sure,” Twine said.

Twine never saw anything like a deer coming through the shop.

“I turned around and looked at the person sitting in the hallway, and he looked at me wide-eyed and said it’s a deer. Twine said. “It was probably between 30 and 45 seconds, it all went down very quickly.”

The doe made its way through the restaurant, trotting by the pool table, and eventually out the door.

No humans were hurt, despite the damage to the front door.

“When we came to the door front and saw glass shattered and the protrusion of the door, we were shocked,” Twine said.

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