Lynchburg City councilman censured by city council

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg City Councilman Marty Misjuns has been censured by Lynchburg City Council.

Many residents came to the meeting to speak about Misjuns’ behavior while on the city council. Some members even called for Misjuns to resign or for the council to take action.

“I’m concerned about Councilman Misjuns not just wasting our time and attention, but actively seeking to harm our community by sowing hate and bigotry,” resident Kathleen Davis said.

Misjuns responded to the public’s comments, saying he still believes he’s fighting for his constituents.

“So I just find it very interesting and concerning that this resolution of censure will come immediately following a stand for religious liberty and a stand for our children to be perverted by a sick agenda. So if that’s resulting in a censure, then it’s worth it,” Misjuns said.

There were also several people present who spoke in favor of Misjuns.