VDOT begins winter weather preps

LYNCHBURG, Va. – With more snow predicted this winter than last, crews are getting an early start on preparations.

VDOT Superintendent for Timberlake Area Headquarters Mark Crouch and his fellow transportation workers will be making salt brine and working around the clock to monitor roads when the snowflakes start falling.

“The reason that I do the job that I like to do is of course keep people safe out on the highways each and every day,” Crouch said. “That’s our main priority.”

VDOT Lynchburg’s Communications Manager, Len Stevens said they actually started getting ready months ago.

“Everybody else in July was looking to go to the beach or stay out of the sun in the heat,” Stevens said. “We were already putting together our schedules for getting our crews assembled, getting our contractors hired, getting our dry runs underway.”

Statewide, this year $220 is set aside for inclement weather, over 2,300 VDOT crew members, and more than 702,000 tons of salt.

VDOT Lynchburg said they’ve added a few new ice brine machines across the district. They got them last year but since it didn’t snow much, they haven’t put them to much use.

But, when it’s time, they’ll help VDOT produce brine quicker than ever, which is a good thing as 10 News meteorologists say more snow than usual could be in the works.

“We haven’t had none in a while, but we’re prepared for whatever comes,” Crouch said. “Whatever comes, we’ll take care of business.”

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