Consumer Reports: Top TVs of the year


Holiday gifts aren’t just for the kids!

Maybe you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy, like a television. We’re working for you to share results from Consumer Reports’ tests on the top TVs of the year.

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Consumer Reports examines how wide a TV’s viewing angle is, so you don’t have to sit directly in front of it to get a great picture. They also test how well a TV can reproduce deep black levels — important for image quality, and motion blur, or how a TV handles action scenes, and HDR or high dynamic range, which can boost a TV’s brightness, colors, and contrast so the images you see on the screen are closer to what you see in real life.

When shopping, it’s important to beware of those bargain basement doorbuster TV specials you see advertised. They’re often from lesser-known brands and CR says they’re not always worth it.

CR tests TVs because the holidays are a great time to buy.

“Remember, you’ll be watching that new TV for years. If you’re unhappy with the performance or features, you may really regret not spending a little bit more to get something better,” Jim Willcox with Consumer Reports said.

You may even want to take advantage of the sales to treat yourself to a better or bigger model!

CR crunched the numbers on three years of its TV ratings and found models from major brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony tend to perform better than lesser-known brands.

If you’re looking to snag a TV on sale – CR’s advice is to check for deals early, often, and online — some retailers are offering the same promotions there as they do in stores.

Worried you’ll make the wrong choice, or miss out on a better deal? Check out stores’ holiday return or price match policies — if you spot a bigger sale later in the season! Target, for instance, offers price adjustments for items bought between October 22nd and December 24th. Just contact customer service with your receipt on hand.

And don’t worry if you don’t find a TV you love this year, January and February are another great time to buy. TV models that have been out for nearly a year often go on sale right around the Superbowl.