Pulaski Police Department offers solution to package poachers

Pulaski Police are taking on porch pirates

PULASKI, Va. – The Pulaski Police Department is giving people the chance to send their packages directly to the police department to avoid package theft ahead of the holidays.

“It’s more of a crime of opportunity,” said Jaimie Bolt, an officer at the Pulaski Police Department. “Unfortunately, we do see an increase in porch thefts during the holidays when everyone is ordering everyone online.”

She said the process is simple.

“All you got to do is say that you want to send it to Pulaski Police Department, have your name on it, and our address,” Bolt said.

Once they arrive, deliveries will be stored, waiting to be picked up. Then, go to the station with your ID to get your package.

“Make sure you bring a photo ID,” said Bolt. “Also, if your name is not on the package, make sure you bring the appropriate information such as a tracking number to make sure we are giving your package to the right person.”

Not every locality has this option, and if you can’t be home when your packages are scheduled to arrive, officials recommend asking a neighbor to pick it up for you, getting your package delivered to work if possible, using tracking notifications, opting for in-store delivery, or installing a front door camera for extra protection.

One woman tells 10 News, she normally doesn’t worry about her packages but if they are expensive, she makes sure someone is home.

“There were some big purchases that I made a little earlier in the year because I just moved, and for those, I would make sure somebody was home just in case,” said Maichal Valentine.

She also said if she lived within town limits, this is definitely something she would utilize.

“I probably would, yes,” said Valentine. “Especially because I live with a family member, and if it’s a present for them, I would probably just hide it over with them.”

She said it could be a good idea for other departments to do something like this.

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