Lynchburg City Council votes to extend curfew for people under 18

Curfew is now set to expire in mid-2024

Lynchburg City Council has voted to extend the curfew for people under 18

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A curfew for people under 18 in Lynchburg has been extended, according to Lynchburg officials.

The curfew was first adopted in early 2023. As we previously reported, the idea for the curfew was brought up at an earlier council meeting following the shooting of 6-year-old Kingston Campbell.

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Originally, the curfew was set to expire on Dec. 1.

Now, according to the city’s release, the city-wide curfew will remain in effect every night from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. until June 1, 2024.

Officials said it is unlawful for a minor, during curfew hours, to stay in a public place, in a vehicle, or in an establishment.

There are some exceptions to the adopted ordinance, which include the following:

  • If the minor is with a parent,
  • If the minor is out due to an emergency
  • If the minor is going to or coming home from work
  • If the minor is just outside their home with a parent inside
  • If the minor is on an errand for their guardian or parent with permission in writing
  • If the minor is involved in interstate travel through, beginning, or ending in the city
  • If the minor is exercising First Amendment rights, like free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, and the right of assembly

10 News spoke to Chief Ryan Zuidema about the curfew in relation to crime rates as the department gathered at their new headquarters.

“I definitely think there’s a correlation between the curfew being in place and the low numbers. It’s certainly not the only cause of that,” Zuidema said. “We’ve done a lot of great police work in the community. We’ve had a lot of great partners in the community come forward and step up.”

You can read the full release here.

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