Local businesses provide outlet for last minute gift shopping

ROANOKE, Va. – Christmas is one week away, and for some people, last-minute shopping is on their to-do list.

And now, ordering gifts online may not be on the table anymore.

But that isn’t your only option, Downtown Roanoke has plenty of local businesses that always expect an uptick in shoppers the week before Christmas.

A worker at the Gift Niche in downtown Roanoke said they have something for everyone.

From unique and different gifts to anything Roanoke-related, she said you can get it here.

“And for people to shop at small businesses, it means everything. This is our biggest time of the year, this is when we make the money to keep us open the rest of the year really,” Martha Boswell, the Gift Niche employee said.

Boswell adds there are several local businesses downtown where you can support small and finish up your last-minute shopping.

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