Car crash in Patrick County leaves two high schoolers hospitalized

PATRICK COUNTY, Va. – Two families in the New River Valley are leaning on their faith after a massive car accident left two high schoolers hospitalized.

10 News sat down with Micah Underwood, a 16-year-old in Floyd, who was driving his girlfriend back home before disaster struck.

“Just driving home,” said Micah Underwood. “Just a normal drive, you know you’re not thinking about having a crazy car crash — you’re just not. "

Micah Underwood is a standout junior at Floyd High School.

On Dec. 16, while taking his girlfriend home, the unthinkable happened.

“Coming around a curve all I see is just two headlights in my lane,” Micah said.

Micah and Lauren Worley were hit head-on by a driver on Route 8 in Patrick County.

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“First thing I see when I looked up from the crash is there is blood all over the airbags,” Micah said.

Micah said after the initial shock, he knew this was a bad situation.

“Her head was kind of propped up against the door — against the glass — and she was kind of making a noise, kind of like after you cry,” Micah said.

Due to Life360 on Lauren’s phone, emergency personnel were on the scene within minutes.

Micah, Lauren, and the man who hit them were then all flown to Roanoke Memorial.

Micah said he then learned the extent of his injuries.

“Figured out I broke my wrist, broke my femur,” Micah said.

He said after being pulled out of the car, that was the last time he saw Lauren.

He said right now his thoughts are on Lauren, who has the worst of the injuries, and taking nothing for granted.

“Right now, the main focus is just Lauren,” said Micah. “We need to be praying for her.”

Micah’s parents said both families are leaning on their faith.

“I just can’t help but think that there is a testimony on the other side of this and that God is going to use this,” said Jason Underwood, Micah’s father.

And after hearing the news Micah would be okay his family’s thoughts shifted to Lauren.

“[The doctors] were really concerned with Lauren and the whole time just praying that God would be there,” Jason said.

Micah’s parents said this is nothing short of divine intervention and now they wait to see if that extends to Lauren.

If you would like to support either family, you can find Micah’s GoFundMe here and Lauren’s here.

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