Pulaski County set to make improvements to emergency services

‘This has been 15 years in the making’

PULASKI CO., Va. – Pulaski County officials are working to make the area a rural destination location.

“Pulaski County is quickly becoming that next-level rural community,” said county administratoror Jonathan Sweet.

To do that, Sweet said their emergency services need to be one of the best.

“We have been growing as a county and evolving as a next-level rural community and with that, a greater level of response services are required,” Sweet said.

He said the county conducted two studies in 2023, then hired Gannon Emergency Solutions to oversee improvements to the emergency departments.

Sweet said the immediate goal is to set a standard for all departments and more changes will follow.

“We think we are going to see efficiencies take place very quickly but some of the bigger systemic changes will probably come in due time,” Sweet said.

The Chair of Pulaski County Board of Supervisors said with the size of the county, they want to be available to reach everyone.

“We also want to be sure that within having that, we have the right procedures, the right processes, the right equipment and the right people in the right places,” said chairwoman Laura Walters.

She also said the plan is to take the studies conducted this year and use them as a guide for improvements.

“It’s to continue to work with our folks and come up with an implementation plan that makes sense,” Walters said.

Sweet said the issue is not quality, it is quantity.

“These guys are committed, dedicated, fearless and they show up and respond and they do a great job,” said Sweet. “One of our challenges is we need more of them.”

County officials said changes will take place slowly over the next few years.

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