How to prepare your car for winter weather impacts

VDOT could start brining as soon as Thursday, officials say

ROANOKE, Va. – With the potential for dangerous road conditions on Saturday, it’s time to prep your car, and local travel experts have some tips.

“Ice is ice, so the danger is there,” AAA Public and Government Affairs Manager Ragina Ali said. “Depending on I guess how the storm tracks, and what we see, it could be a mess on the roadways.”

AAA recommends you keep a few items in your car if you must travel during the storm.

Make sure you pack gloves, and other items to keep you warm. Snacks, in case you find yourself stuck, and a snow scraper always helps.

“You also want to make sure that you check all of your fluids, your oils, also your windshield wiper fluids as well as your blades,” Ali said.

Virginia Department of Transportation’s Salem District spokesperson Jen Ward said they’ll do the best they can to keep roads clear for drivers. They have approximately 1,000 pieces of equipment, and 42,000 tons of salt to battle the snow.

“We are planning to have full crews out starting Friday evening and that will continue for the duration of the storm,” Ward said.

However, VDOT could start brining as soon as Thursday. They ask drivers to be cautious.

“Stay clear of our brine trucks and snow plows,” Ward said. “We are working diligently to make the roads more safe for travel. So, the more people that are off the roads it does help us to get the job done quicker.”

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