Virginia Tech students are back on campus enjoying a snowday

BLACKSBURG, Va. – With snow coming down all day and students back in town ready for classes to start back up, many were out in the snow enjoying Virginia Tech’s campus.

“We made a little snowman,” said Lea Zuppas, a student a Virginia Tech. “I know it’s not a lot of snow today but a little goes a long way.”

“The campus just looks lovely,” said Andrea Dietrich, a professor at Virginia Tech. “It looks quiet and peaceful.”

People were out walking, building little snowmen, and enjoying the weather before the start of the semester.

“I grew up in New Jersey and New England, and we had snow when I was a kid,” said Dietrich. “It does bring back memories of snow days, and sledding-- lots of sledding!”

For one group of three Virginia Tech students, there is just something about the snow for them.

“I hate the cold but if it’s snowing I’m okay with the cold,” said Kinsey Campbell, a student at Virginia Tech. “It makes it worth it.”

They said a snow day here is like nothing else.

“Especially walking over the bridge, that was like the prettiest part,” said Zuppas. “Walking under it and seeing all the dusty snow on the trees was pretty.”

For some, they are hoping this winter continues to bring more snow so they can enjoy the annual cadet versus students snowball fight.

“I hope the snow grows thick enough so we can have that snowball fight,” said Manjunadh Parameswaran, a Virginia Tech student. “Snowball fights are not just for kids, they’re for us too.”

“I’ve been looking forward to [the snow] because we have a snowball fight against the cadets, so I’ve been looking forward to that,” said Bridget LeMay, a student at Virginia Tech.

They said they hope this small snowstorm will foreshadow what is to come this year.

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Thomas grew up right here in Roanoke and is a graduate of Salem High School and Virginia Tech.

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