VDOT expecting refreeze overnight, into Wednesday morning

Crews and contractors will continue to monitor and address road conditions overnight with freezing temperatures

ROANOKE, Va. – The snow has come and gone but the worry for ice becomes more prevalent with frigid temperatures overnight.

Road conditions throughout parts of Roanoke and Roanoke County were completely clear but some smaller roads had a little snow left over from Monday’s event.

With the snow melting during the day, it will start to freeze overnight and temperatures drop. This can lead to black ice or roads looking like they are wet when they are frozen.

Jason Bond with the Virginia Department of Transportation advises people to be extra cautious on cooler areas of the roads.

“Drivers really need to pay attention to those cooler areas. Bridges, overpasses, ramps, higher elevations, elevated surfaces ... those usual cooler spots that have a tendency to ice first are likely to be frozen tonight and into tomorrow,” Bond said.

With temperatures also not expected to get high in the coming days, the ice can potentially stick around for longer.

“Anything that is frozen on the road surface overnight and into tomorrow is likely to remain there for several days because the temperatures aren’t going to get about freezing until Thursday,” Bond said.

It goes back to the saying: If you don’t need to go anywhere ... stay inside!

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