Amtrak railway in New River Valley delayed to 2028

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – The Amtrak coming to the New River Valley has been delayed to 2028.

“Coming down to Christiansburg is a huge undertaking,” said Karina Romero, communications manager for the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority. “We’re actually going to be building infrastructure.”

Though the original date has changed, officials from the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority said they are working to get a railway in the New River Valley.

“We certainly want to bring Amtrak Virginia down to the New River Valley as soon as possible,” Romero said.

The Virginia Passenger Rail Authority wants to hear from people in the New River Valley on what they want for this upcoming railway.

“We understand that the community down there [in Christiansburg] is really anxious to get it and we’re very anxious to get the train down there as well,” Romero said.

Officials are holding an open house on Jan. 29 to explain their plan, and also get input from people in the valley.

“We want to hear from the community,” said Romero. “What do they want? What kind of rail service do they want? Where do they want the station? That is what our open house is for.”

Romero said the meeting is also a good chance to discuss a location for the station and set expectations.

“We’re actually going to be building infrastructure,” said Romero. “We need a platform. We need tracks, to that platform.”

She said the 2028 date could change. They will have to build tracks and infrastructure for passengers.

“The final cost will be determined by which site we actually choose, but when we’re just looking at estimates right now, we’re anticipating to be anywhere from $360 million all the way up to a billion,” she said.

She said the Jan. 29 meeting will help in determining costs.

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