Judge certifies charges for Lynchburg woman shot by police in the first of two similar events

Ashley Biggs-Neeley was shot by police in May and then again in September

LYNCHBURG, Va. – A Lynchburg woman who was shot by police on two separate occasions in 2023, Ashley Biggs-Neeley, is having her first case sent to the grand jury.

The judge certified the charges to a grand jury for two felony charges of assault on law enforcement and two misdemeanor assault charges.

During the preliminary hearing, the two responding officers to the original assault call testified about their experience.

Lynchburg’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, Bethany Harrison, also presented the body camera footage from the day of the incident.

10 News was in the courtroom and could hear Biggs Neeley screaming at police. Police say she charged at them with knives in her hands before one of the officers shot her in the shoulder.

“Given the nature of the offenses here and the facts and the fact that we have and captured a live worn camera video, we did not anticipate there to be any issues with there not being enough evidence to certify,” Harrison said.

Neeley was shot by police once again in September.

Court documents show Neeley received a furlough order for her to leave Amherst County Adult Detention Center and receive treatment at Southstone Recovery Center located in South Boston.

However, a report from a correctional officer shows the night before the most recent officer-involved shooting, Neeley had called the jail to tell them she had left the treatment center.

On Sep. 27, Lynchburg Police said she was holding a knife, which caused officers to shoot her.

The preliminary hearing for the second incident is set to happen on Jan. 26.

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