Washington and Lee students predict former President Donald Trump as this year’s Republican candidate

LEXINGTON, Va. – The Mock Con held by students at Washington and Lee University has selected former President Donald Trump as this year’s Republican presidential candidate.

The convention’s mission is to create a memorable and authentic experience for students. Mock Con is supposed to replicate the Democratic or Republican National Conventions where delegates nominate presidential candidates. Whichever party is out of power at the White House is the one that students predict.

“It’s been really cool it’s been awesome having all of the well-known speakers on campus here especially we are a smaller and lesser-known school so it’s interesting to see all these people come together and create this really great event,” Ben Wacholc, a student at Washington and Lee University said.

The university brought in top Republican names to speak for this year’s Mock Con ranging from our very own Governor Glenn Youngkin to Donald Trump Jr. as well as Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Congressman Wesley Hunt.

“We see it across the nation, Republican-led states are winning demonstrating parents do matter, jobs do create opportunity, fiscal discipline underpins economic strength. Safe communities start with great law enforcement and our constitution protects freedoms,” Youngkin said.

For one student, she’s excited to finally experience it as a participant after two generations in her family had unforgettable stories from Mock Con.

“Mock Con for me means a lot because my grandfather and my dad went here, my grandfather was here when the vice president died on stage and my dad was here when Bill Clinton played the saxophone so like two pretty legendary mock cons to hear about growing up,” Sophie Broll, a student at Washington and Lee University said.

Students even got a special surprise video from Donald Trump himself after the prediction.

“I’ve known a lot of people who have gone to Washington and Lee University it’s a great school and you have to be very proud of it and I will tell you I’m doing this before a big speech that I’m getting ready to make they are all screaming at me come one over come on over but I’m doing it for you and I tell you have a good convention going and it’s going to be a great convention by the time it finishes I hope I get your endorsement,” Former President Donald Trump said.

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