The budget battle affecting your children’s education

Education funding is top of mind for lawmakers

VIRGINIA – “Because we’re not making the mark, we are failing our educators, we’re failing our students.”

A harsh reality according to Virginia Education Association President Dr. James Fedderman.

Education is top of mind as the Virginia General Assembly looks to finalize the budget.

Governor Glenn Youngkin proposed a record $24 billion for public education - but Fetterman tells 10 News it’s not enough.

“It certainly positions us better to have salaries that are at or above the national average, but we’re ending every year with the same conversation: we didn’t make the mark,” Fedderman said.

In the proposed amendments from the House and Senate, nearly 1.6 billion more dollars would go towards education than in Youngkin’s proposal.

Something Democratic Representative Sam Rasoul says is crucial.

“Thinking through how we help the most vulnerable students,” Rasoul said.

Republican Delegate Chris Obenshain says the funding specifically addresses early childhood education needs.

“Increasing the number of slots available for the Virginia Preschool Initiative,” Obenshain said.

We sat down with Montgomery County School Board Chair Linwood Hudson to see how the increased funding would really impact a school system.

“If our teachers are continuously coming and going because we can’t retain them then that affects everybody. We don’t want to lose them to other counties, we don’t want to lose them to other states, but we’re seeing that,” Hudson said.

Budget negotiations are still in the works, and will need to be approved by both the House, Senate and Governor Youngkin before school systems see that funding.

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