United States Supreme Court begins to look at landmark social media cases

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The United States Supreme Court is looking at two landmark social media cases that could reshape how Americans interact online.

Leaders are hearing two laws from Florida and Texas that restrict social media companies from moderating content on their platforms.

This comes after political candidates’ posts and profiles were removed from different websites.

Experts at Virginia Tech said the focus is on free speech. While one might argue they are a private business and can moderate their content, the other side says social media is a common carrier for everyone to use.

“For some that argue there is viewpoint discrimination on these platforms it means that their voice is going to be heard,” said Cayce Myers, director of graduate studies at Virginia Tech. “The kind of concern is that who are these voices, and what are they going to be saying? Are they just a political disagreement or is active disinformation?”

The decision will not come until June but could go either way.

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