Finance expert gives tips to navigate through tax season

BLACKSBURG, Va. – We are in the middle of tax season right now and you may be feeling the stress weigh you down.

Finance experts said the most important part of tax season is to start early and get organized.

They said while we might have until April 15 to file, getting your taxes in earlier allows for time in case you need to go back, or if there are any issues that come up.

“Thinking back, maybe sitting down on a Sunday morning, or Sunday night after the kids are in bed and thinking about where all did I work this year? Where all did I generate income?” said Jesse Lineberry, assistant professor of finance at Virginia Tech.

He adds that using apps for filing your taxes like TurboTax can be great, if you feel you may be missing sections, or do not completely understand what’s going on, he recommends a finance professional.

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