Central Virginia District Planning Commission rehabilitating homes in Bedford County

BEDFORD, Va. – The Central Virginia District Planning Commission is making sure people can stay in their homes.

The organization used nearly $1 million in grants to help rehab homes in Bedford County.

“I really love this house,” Cathy Wright, who lives in the Hilltop neighborhood in Bedford said.

Wright lived in her previous home for 29 years and that house was in major need of repairs.

“My living room ceiling was falling down, my bathrooms were no longer workable,” Wright said.

Wright is one of about a dozen people who either had a home rebuilt or fixed up.

“Sorely needed at the time,” Jefrado Granger, with the Central Virginia Planning District Commission said.

Granger said the goal of Phase 1 of the project is to improve and revitalize living conditions of low to moderate-income households.

“Those homeowners are ecstatic with their new home there was a lot of sentimental value,” Granger said.

Bedford Town leaders said when people invest in their properties it has a trickle-down effect on the local economy, in this case seeing what downtown has to offer.

“That provides investment in the town,” Mary Zirkle, Director of Planning and Community and Development said.

Zirkle said the overall goal is to improve the quality of life for town residents, which could help the economy later.

“The best that it can be so we can attract the workforce we need in town,” Zirkle said.

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