Lynchburg police report says violent crime down 10% from previous year

Four homicides reported in 2023

LYNCHBURG, Va. – In the Hill City, a new report from Lynchburg police says crime is down, which some residents find surprising.

According to the report, last year, there were four homicides, down 50% from the previous year. Robberies are down 29% and aggravated assaults are down 13%.

LPD has been implementing a new policing strategy, called the “stratified policing” model.

They’re strategically targeting problem areas and offenders, conducting foot patrols, and engaging in community activities.

Last year, Lynchburg police confiscated more than 380 firearms and made 5,318 arrests on 8,944 charges.

“I am appreciative of all the efforts that everybody is putting in to make sure that crime is going down, to make sure that they are paying attention, to make sure that they are becoming more aware of the reasons why crimes happen,” Rebekah Olson, who works in Lynchburg, said.

But people in Lynchburg said they’re a little skeptical about the numbers.

“Surprised, actually kind of shocked,” Olson said. “Especially around E.C. Glass area. Hear about a lot of shootings, not just around the school but the neighborhood, lot of bomb threats, and I feel for the kids because they’re getting raised with fear.”

Teri Hannell said she generally feels safe walking around the city.

“I’ve heard when I moved back here that I would not want to live downtown because of the crime,” Hannell said.

But she hasn’t had an issue, and is feeling optimistic crime is on the decline.

“It’s a surprise to me, and it’s great to know,” Hannell said.

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