Local athletes part of lawsuit against NCAA over transgender policies

The suit seeks to stop biological males from participating in women’s sports and using women’s locker rooms

SALEM, Va. – Sixteen student athletes are suing the NCAA, Georgia universities and other people over their transgender policies, and some of the plaintiffs include local student athletes.

Some listed on the lawsuit include Riley Gaines, a swimmer and outspoken advocate against the inclusion of trans-women in women’s sports, former Virginia Tech swimmer Reka Gyorgy, as well as six members currently on Roanoke College’s swim team.

Most of the plaintiffs are swimmers, although a track athlete and volleyball athlete are represented as well.

In the over 150-page lawsuit, it alleges the distress competing against a trans woman, which is an assigned male at birth, has had on women in sports.

The lawsuit argues that the NCAA’s transgender policy violates Title IX, saying it’s “caused significant mental and emotional disruption for women preparing to compete in one of the most significant athletic competitions of their lives.”

It alleges that trans women have a physical advantage and testosterone levels that are still higher than biological women.

The lawsuit is not just about what’s happening in the pool but also behind closed doors.

The lawsuit alleges that female locker rooms are being designated as unisex.

One section recounts female athletes surprise and distress when a trans athlete with male genitals walked in when they were naked and then later undressed in front of them.

It says that the female athletes were so upset they searched for a more private place to change.

The NCAA responded to the lawsuit in a statement Friday saying, “College sports are the premier stage for women’s sports in America, and while the NCAA does not comment on pending litigation, the Association and its members will continue to promote Title IX, make unprecedented investments in women’s sports and ensure fair competition in all NCAA championships.”

The athletes are asking in the lawsuit for a stop to biological males participating in women’s sports, using women’s locker rooms, and they are asking for past awards to be reassigned, as well as monetary damages.

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