Controversial zoning amendment passes in Roanoke

The changes passed with a 5-2 vote Monday

ROANOKE, VA – After hours of public comment and debate, Roanoke City Council has voted to amend its zoning ordinance.

The new plan will allow for more multi-family and affordable housing.

The 5-2 vote came after a barrage of public comments.

Those opposed to the amendment presented their concerns over things like parking.

While those for the amendment praised it as a way larger cities are adapting to the need for affordable housing.

“The neighborhoods become unattractive for people to put their life savings, their biggest investments into that neighborhood - and being told you have no say in what happens next to you,” resident Dr. Anthony Stavola said.

“For far too long these laws have created barriers for many citizens of the Roanoke Valley to secure and maintain affordable housing. These ordinances zone people and their economic condition as opposed to land and property use,” Founder of The Least of These Ministries Dawn Sandoval

The change comes as the second phase of zoning adjustments in the city.

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