Saving lives with genetic testing

Genetic testing helps doctors identify cancer risk

SALEM, Va. – Genetic testing could save your life.

Over the past few weeks, several celebrities have come forward with cancer diagnoses.

Several of them have also been candid about their decision to be genetically tested and screened for cancers.

This genetic testing usually involves getting blood taken, and a few weeks later, a doctor has your results — something that could save a life.

“It’s just data, and it’s very important data for your doctor to understand and for you to understand. Because you might be at a very high risk of cancer, but your doctor thinks you’re at a much lower risk of cancer, so it helps us and you understand what your lifetime risk is so you can be prepared,” Cancer Genetic Counselor at LewisGale Misti Williams said.

Before they do the blood tests, you sit down with a genetic counselor to go over family history, and other factors to see if it is the right choice for you.

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