Healthwatch: UVA Health opening Parkinson’s Disease Clinic

UVA Health is working to provide more comprehensive treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

Over 2,000 people receive treatment for Parkinson’s at UVA Health, one of the largest patient numbers in the country.

10 News got a chance to speak with one of their neurologists about the clinic and how they plan to create a more comprehensive approach.

They tell us patients will have access to physical therapists, nutritionists, neuropsychologists, and nurses.

They also are continuing to explore new technologies and experimental treatments.

“We are exploring at UVA and both nationwide through NIH-sponsored trials and industry-sponsored trials that we are participating in, treatments to try clearing away abnormal proteins called Alpha-synuclein which is a constituent of a pathological inclusion called neurobodies which we see in the brains of people with Parkinson’s,” said Dr. Binit Shah, a UVA Health neurologist.

The clinic is currently in its pilot phase, but UVA Health is hopeful to expand the program over the summer.

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