Local doctor discusses bee sting care as warmer weather returns

SALEM, Va. – With bees out and about again for the spring, you can prepare for an increased risk of stings.

Doctors at LewisGale said this time of year they see bee sting patients who are allergic come through their emergency room more frequently.

Warning signs of an allergic reaction include throat and lip swelling, trouble breathing, and a rash.

LewisGale Medical Center Emergency Medicine Medical Director Dr. Puneet Chopra said you should immediately call 911 if you experience those symptoms.

“With these kinds of reactions, if there’s anaphylaxis associated with it, it’s not something to delay seeking medical care in,” Dr. Chopra said.

If you have a mild reaction to a bee sting, the doctor recommends removing the stinger if there is one, taking Benadryl, and applying a cool compress.

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