Shelor Motor Mile gifts speedway and Calfee Park to Pulaski County

PULASKI COUNTY, Va. – Leaders in Pulaski County have announced Shelor Motor Mile is giving the Motor Mile Speedway and Calfee Park to Pulaski County.

“Shelor Motor Mile is making the largest gift in Pulaski County’s history, and one of the largest private donations ever given to a locality in the history of the Commonwealth, by gifting the Motor Mile Speedway and Dragway and its 152-acre campus here in Fairlawn to the county of Pulaski, Virginia,” said Jonathan Sweet, administrator for Pulaski County.

Over the next three years, Shelor and their affiliates will continue to run the speedway, but all the profits will come back to the county.

“The Shelor Motor Mile is going to continue to operate along with their affiliates and then offer opportunities to Pulaski County who now owns it to do our own things and add our own flavor to it,” said Sweet. “We’re going to be working alongside them to understand the whole industry and to understand the finances.”

It’s not only the Motor Mile Speedway that is being gifted over to Pulaski County, Shelor is also giving the county the baseball field at Calfee Park.

“They trust the wherewithal, they trust our leadership, most importantly they trust our sports and entertainment vision, and they’re willing to package both of these properties and gift them to Pulaski County,” Sweet said.

I talked to someone from Motor Mile and she tells me everything shouldn’t change too much for people in the county.

“We’re going to continue to have the Pulaski River Turtles here,” said Melissa Epperly. “It does not affect that whatsoever and we want to reassure our fans as well that nothing changes, it is just for the better.”

Officials with the county said this is just the beginning for the future of Pulaski County.

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