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ROANOKE, Va. – Been a long week? Don’t worry - we’re almost to the finish line! Join us for the Sprint and we’ll get you all caught up on what’s trending for the day and the major news of the day.

Hold onto your seats because we’ll be covering a LOT today. Here’s a look at just some of the few stories we’ll discuss:

  • A cliff rescue caught on camera | Virginia Today Anchor Japhanie Gray will chat about the heartstopping footage and what it took for first responders to rescue a man who fell 60 feet down a cliff.
  • Stopping sexual and human trafficking | Learn more about the new initiative at the Roanoke Blacksburg Regional Airport that’s looking to connect victims of human trafficking or assault with real-time support.
  • Honoring a hometown hero | Meet the Roanoke City firefighter who is being recognized as Firefighter of the Year.

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