Roanoke city school leaders discuss new summer school option for at-risk students

ROANOKE, Va. – A new summer school program is coming to Roanoke City Public Schools to try to keep at-risk students on track and prevent gun violence.

The “Community Builders” initiative will be available to rising eighth graders starting this summer.

Students will take part in college campus tours, and job shadowing and hear from motivational speakers.

“We want our students to feel like they’re part of something,” Corey Allder, Director of Community Engagement Roanoke City Public Schools, said. “Part of something positive and impactful, so if we build those skills, and we give them what they need to move forward as adults in our community, we know that that will ultimately reduce all types of violence, gun violence, community violence.”

The program is free, and transportation and meals will be provided.

However, spaces are limited. School leaders said the amount of funding from the state to support the program is still being hammered out.

After the summer, Community Builders will continue throughout the school year with various activities, and an ultimate goal of having participants mentor future program participants.

School leaders will invite at-risk students to participate, but parents can also opt in to the program as well.

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