Lynchburg leaders break ground on Riverfront Park Improvement Project

The $8 million project includes a new amphitheater, playground and public restrooms

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Big changes are coming to Lynchburg’s Riverfront Park.

On Thursday, city leaders and stakeholders gathered to break ground on the new Riverfront Park Improvement Project.

The $8 million project includes a new amphitheater, playground and public restrooms.

“These amenities will provide a place where children can laugh and play, where families can come together for picnics and celebrations, where everyone can enjoy performances and events,” Mayor Stephanie Reed said.

The new park is really meant to serve anyone and everyone.

Moses Sewall loves coming down to the Riverfront when he has time. He’ll even bring his pet bird, Gilbert along too. During a 10 News interview, Gilbert kept cawing at the sound of the music in the background.

“As you can tell he’s a bit excited for it because he loves music and a playground for the kids. I love an empty lot just to walk around with no shoes on but to see it turn into something more beautiful and special to bring more people together, it’s fantastic to hear. It’s a huge improvement for downtown Lynchburg as well,” Sewall said.

There are already people interested in scheduling events at the amphitheater, so they’re hoping to begin performances shortly after opening.

By working on sections at a time, the city is hopeful they can open up part of the park by Spring of 2025 — the splash pad, the playground, and the restroom facility.

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