One-on-one with Gov. Glenn Youngkin: Discussing budget, education funding

This year’s budget invests a record $21.6 billion in education

ROANOKE, Va. – The newly signed state budget will make record-breaking investments in K-12 public schools giving pay raises to teachers and state employees.

After being divided on their spending priorities, state Democrats who control both chambers of the legislature and the Republican governor agreed to re-work the state’s spending plan and eventually reached a compromise on a budget deal.

The General Assembly voted to approve budget bills for the current and next spending plans during a special session Monday – 94-6 in the House of Delegates and 39-1 in the state Senate.

10 News spoke with the governor Tuesday about the budget and specifically about the funding for education.

“At the heart of the investment is bringing teacher salaries from well below the national average, to at the national average this year and expected to be in excess of the national average over the next two years,” Youngkin said.

Despite record-breaking investments, local school districts are still struggling with funding in areas and some are debating the idea of school closures.

“Why is it that you guys feel your investing in education and what is your message to parents who are having to send their kids to other schools?” 10 News asked the governor.

“There are of course certain areas of the Commonwealth that have suffered more with student counts and things along those lines that are particularly needing extra resources. The amount of money that we are investing as I said is well beyond anything that possibly would have conceived just five years ago,” Youngkin responded.

The governor said the compromise between his administration and lawmakers shows Virginians that their elected officials can “come together and deliver” despite being on opposite ends of policy decisions.

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