Parts of the Affordable Connectivity program expired, leaving thousands of Virginians with higher internet bills

Broadband internet is a need all across rural America, and with parts of the Affordable Connectivity program now expired, thousands of Virginians could have higher monthly internet bills. 

The program provided discounts of up to $30 a month toward internet service for eligible households, among other things.

Senator Tim Kaine said while the program would still bring broadband to rural areas, it’s important they keep it accessible to low and moderate incomes.

“The expiration of that part of the infrastructure bills leaves 450,000 Virginians who are able to get more reasonably priced internet and broadband services, it leaves them facing significant cost increases,” said Senator Kaine.

He said there have been recent discussions to extend the program and the talks are hopeful.

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Thomas grew up right here in Roanoke and is a graduate of Salem High School and Virginia Tech.

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