Public hearing set for June 4 for old Blacksburg High School

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The school was originally built in 1974, but was forced to close in 2010. Since then, the property was sold and then in 2019, rezoned to residential zoning allowing for 100 townhomes.

Most recently, the owners of the land have requested a change in the zoning, bringing the number down to 73 townhomes but allowing for bigger townhomes.

The townhomes will also have an age restriction of no one younger than 23.

I talked to one woman who comes to the property weekly to use the track and she said her biggest concern is whether these townhomes will be affordable for people in town.

“If they are priced as high as some of the other new housing in town is priced, I don’t really see what benefit that offers the town folk,” said Alexis Whitaker.

She said she’s lived in town her entire life and knows how difficult it can be to find housing in the area.

“Since coming into my later 20s and wanting to get a house and having a career,” said Whitaker. “[That] is when I really started to see how hard it is to buy a home in this area.”

She said as long as they keep the track and fields, she’ll welcome any new housing

On June 4, there will be an opportunity for people in the town to learn more about this proposal. There will be a public hearing in Blacksburg.

You can find more information here.

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