Seth Davis wins April’s Education Impact Award

Presented by Blue Eagle Credit Union

GILES COUNTY, Va. – Imagine working at the same school you attended as a student.

Not only does our next Education Impact Award recipient teach, but he also coached varsity basketball in Giles County.

Seth Davis was stunned when he won the Education Impact Award.

“I didn’t know why the principal would call me down to the teacher’s lounge of all places. I normally go to his office. I didn’t know what to expect,” Davis said.

Davis is a physical education teacher at Eastern Elementary and Middle School in Giles County. On average, he sees hundreds of kids daily, ensuring they get exercise.

“We try to do things that are fun so they want to go home and try this with parents and continue to be active,” Davis said.

Some things kids learn are dances they can perform with their parents, like the Whip and Nae, Nae.

“We have sweetheart dances. Mothers and sons come; fathers and daughters come. It’s really special. I’ve been doing these all my time here. I teach them some dances, and we do it with their parents,” Davis said.

But before this teacher could bust a move in the classroom, he was a student at the same school.

Davis credits his teachers for motivating him to go into education and pushing him to become the varsity basketball coach at Giles High School.

Seth is glad to have built relationships over the years in the classroom and court.

“I’ve been to some of my former students’ weddings. I’m going to some former players’ weddings this summer,” Davis said.

Eastern Elementary and Middle School Principal Jason Mills said Davis takes time to get to know his students and parents to ensure kids can learn.

“He’s a great resource for our students,” Mills said.

Mills said Davis is the only teacher who sees more than 450 students every day.

“Mr. Davis is the kind of teacher parents want for their kids; he is the kind of teacher kids want to have,” Mills said.

Blue Eagle Credit Union awarded Davis $250 and the other half goes to Eastern Elementary and Middle School.

“It’s just been amazing to learn about him, and play a positive role model for these children,” Laurissa Thompson with Blue Eagle Credit Union said.

Teachers even recognized Davis with a cake.

“To have the cake, to have the balloons, to celebrate alongside him, speaks volumes to the school,” Thompson said.

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