Meet 2024 WSLS scholarship recipient Narrows senior Brianna Moser

NARROWS, Va. – The second winner of our 2024 WSLS Scholarship hails from Narrows.

If you’ve spent time in Giles County, you know these are tight-knit communities that take care of their own, they also produce talent young adults who live that philosophy.

And in this particular case, our winner took matters into her own hands to give back to her community.

In the rural Giles County community of Narrows, Virginia, if it weren’t for senior Brianna Moser, Christmas wouldn’t be nearly as merry for many.

Years ago, the senior created and organized a free Christmas dinner — six successful years later, they have served over 500 meals, and with the help of ACCE, the holiday tradition of giving will continue, even with Brianna at college.

“I took a trip to New York City and when I was there, there were a lot of homeless people. You don’t really see that around Giles County but I just knew that there was someone out there that needed a meal and Christmas dinner and I didn’t want them, whether they were homeless, or just lonely on Christmas Day — I wanted to be able to change their day in a positive way and I was just hoping me doing that could inspire other students around other communities to start that up as well. I can do one change in my community, but hope to reach others to change in their communities,” said Moser.

”She took something that she saw there and she thought what can I do there in my community to meet that need that’s not obvious and so I feel like for her, she is just constantly looking for ways that she can help other people,” said Suzanne Woodward, Narrows High School counselor.

Moser has been described as a pillar of her community, and she hasn’t even received her high school diploma yet.

But fear not, the only thing more astounding than her over 500 hours of community service is her GPA.

“She meets an obstacle head on and if she encounters an obstacle, she figures out a way that she can get over it or around it in a way that’s gonna help her be successful in whatever it is she’s trying to do,” said Woodward.

Her involvement in activities is varied and far-reaching.

From cheerleading to dance to the National Honor Society to tennis — all approached with the same commitment, work ethic and enthusiasm.

Which led her teammates to gravitate toward her, in what can be described as an organic way.

”She is definitely a leader by example. She’s the one I actually did a survey when we were trying to pick captains when she was a junior and I asked if you had a problem who would you talk to every single cheerleader Brianna’s name down so yes, she would be the one would gravitate to,” said Teresa Lowe.

Brianna’s passion, and future, lie in healthcare.

And as she prepares to tackle nursing school at Radford, she’ll do so as a winner of the 2024 WSLS scholarship.

Brianna is on the nursing track and wants to work in labor and delivery. Her mother Amanda is also a nurse.

Watch as 10 News’ John Appicello presents the scholarship to Brianna below.

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