Roanoke College poll shows Trump, Biden tied in Virginia

A new Roanoke College poll shows Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are tied in Virginia.

The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research interviewed over 700 likely Virginia voters earlier this month.

Trump and Biden tied with 42% of voters, but when you include other independent candidates, Biden leads Trump by two points.

For voters, the top three most important issues this election were the economy, immigration, and abortion.

We talked with the institute’s senior political analyst, Harry Wilson, who said only 2% of voters are undecided, which he’s never seen so far out from an election.

Ultimately, the decision could come down to independent voters at the polls.

“We’ve got 90% of Republicans saying they’re going to vote for Trump, 90% of Democrats saying they’re going to vote for Biden, so I don’t expect to see much movement there. The real movement is going to be these third party candidates and small, tiny 2% sliver that says they’re undecided, and whether they vote and who they vote for in the end,” Wilson said.

Another interesting find in this poll — both candidates were equally unfavorable to voters.

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