Roanoke Parks Foundation announces Mill Mountain trail project

A new trail network is being built on Mill Mountain.

Although there are a small series of trails for hiking and biking, Wednesday, the Roanoke Parks Foundation announced plans for several new trails within the park.

“Mill Mountain is a huge outdoor asset for the community but it’s also a challenging place to recreate. If you are a beginning rider or your level of fitness is lower…it’s going to be challenging and perhaps not as much fun,” Andy Gill, the foundation’s president said.

They will be built using professional trail construction equipment to shorten the time it takes to build them.

Hikers like Courtney Johnson are ready for the project to be complete.

“I think that’s awesome. I know there are some staple trails around here that everyone loves to do but having a variety like having shorter trails, longer trails is really important. I think it’s a great place for families to be able to go get outside together,” Johnson said.

Construction begins this fall, and they could be ready by the end of the year.

The cost is about $250,000 and they have already raised $185,000.

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