Tips to keep your home cool as heatwave approaches

ROANOKE, Va. – Summer hasn’t even started yet, and hot temperatures have arrived. Home experts have some tips to keep you cool during the heatwave.

ACE’s Hardware home expert Lou Manfredini said there are some simple steps you can take to keep cold air in your house.

Manfredini recommends investing in a simple fan to keep air moving at all times. Plus, he recommends changing your air filter regularly.

“If they’re clogged that system has to work extra hard to try and produce cold air for you,” Manfredini said. “That’s where a breakdown comes.”

When it comes to inside your home, Appalachian Power spokesperson George Porter said how you set your thermostat matters.

“When no one’s home it’s ideal to keep it up a little bit higher if you can,” Porter said.

General Manager of Bower Heating & Air in Roanoke Mark Flanary said the company is trying to meet the demands of all the calls for broken AC units they’re receiving. If yours is running fine still, go ahead and take some preventative steps.

“Make sure that your outdoor unit, that all of the debris and grass and everything is cleared from around that because that can make a big difference,” Flanary said.

Not only does your AC unit keep you comfortable, it also pulls humidity out of the air protecting your furniture.

Flanary said at least once a year you should get your unit maintained. If you don’t, it could cause your bills to be higher.

“Just keep it maintained,” Flanary said. “If you take care of it, it’ll take care of you.”

You can find more tips on how to keep your body cool during the summer heat here.

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