5th Congressional District: McGuire declares victory himself, while Good says election is ‘too close to call’

We are still awaiting official election results in the highly contested 5th Congressional District Republican Primary.

On Wednesday, State Senator John McGuire was in the lead, only by 300 votes.

McGuire declared victory on Tuesday night during his watch party.

“This is a time we need to come together. We still have a lot of work to do. I am your republican nominee but we need to win in November. I need to thank someone who is a big part of this win and we need to get him back in the White House, let’s thank President Donald J. Trump,” said McGuire.

Incumbent Bob Good is not giving up just yet.

Good posted to social media and said the race is too close to call.

“This race remains too close to call. We are in a period where the law provides a process for evaluating the accuracy of all the vote totals from election day to ensure everyone can have full confidence in the certified results. Provisional ballots and mail-in ballots are also still to be counted. We are asking for full transparency from the officials involved and patience from the people of the 5th District over the coming weeks as the certification of results is completed. We believe we can still prevail,” said Good on Facebook.

Political Analyst, Ed Lynch said he’s surprised the race is this close.

“I am I knew it was going to be close, but not this close,” said Lynch.

J. Miles Coleman with Sabato’s Crystal Ball of UVA’s Center for Politics said President Donald Trump’s endorsement for McGuire was a key factor in this race.

“I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to say that without Trump’s endorsement in this race, that Bob Good could’ve potentially kept his seat. It could’ve been the decisive factor here,” said Coleman.

Both Coleman and Lynch said we should expect a recount.

“I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be a recount regardless of where the official tally ends up today or tomorrow,” said Lynch.

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