Expert predicts performance over policy in upcoming presidential debate

The first presidential debate is Thursday

Thursday marks the first presidential debate, and for this first appearance, experts say it may not come down to policy, but instead, who can outperform the other.

This debate is unprecedented for many reasons. First, it’s the earliest in the year a debate has been held and its before both parties’ conventions.

Second, the moderator will have the ability to mute both Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s microphones.

And lastly, it’ll be broadcasted by CNN, with no studio audience—something experts say could majorly impact performance.

“Certainly former President Trump does that in rallies and so forth, but even President Biden does that in say, the State of the Union. He gets a lot of energy from an audience responding to him, even if it’s negative. That allows him to engage the audience and get the back and forth going,” Virginia Tech Political Science Professor Karen Hult said.

Hult said time limits on candidates will likely not allow them to go into depth with their policy responses.

The first 2024 presidential debate will be held on Thursday, June 27 at 9 p.m. EST.

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