‘Our son saw God that day’: Texas family shares 3-year-old’s near-death experience

JD nearly drowned in the family's backyard pool

HOLLIDAY, Texas – Water safety has a whole new meaning for one Holliday, Texas family after almost losing their 3-year-old son.

Jenna and Craig Kerr said they never thought it would happen to them.

During what they thought would be a regular day of swimming on July 3rd, Graham, 8, spotted his brother JD, 3, at the bottom of the pool.

Graham pulled JD up and called for help.

“We turned around and he was bringing us JD in his arms, JD was blue, his lips were blue, his hands were blue,” Jenna Kerr recalls. “He was gone.”

JD’s dad Craig, a CPR certified firefighter, never thought he’d have to perform a life-saving measure on his own child.

After more than four minutes of CPR, he brought JD back.

“You kind of try to prepare yourself for everybody else’s emergency, never really your own until it happens,” Craig Kerr says. “I’m just thankful that I have the experience and the knowledge and skills to be able to react so quickly.”

“He said he talked to a big man through a window with a bright light, I mean our son saw God that day,” Jenna says.

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