Why would Kamala Harris be choice to replace Joe Biden if he drops out of race? Follow the money

There are millions of reasons why Democrats would throw support behind Harris and not another candidate should Joe Biden pull out of presidential race

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For all the debate of whether President Joe Biden should pull out of this year’s presidential election despite being the presumptive Democratic nominee, it seems as if Vice President Kamala Harris is being targeted as the likely replacement candidate if Biden pulls out.

But why is that? Why not another candidate such as California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker or Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear?

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In short, the answer is money, money, money.

That’s not meant to demean the political qualifications of Harris or the support she would likely garner from a majority of women and African-American voters.

It’s simply reality that based on campaign funds, Harris appears to be the only viable option for Democrats as an alternative to Biden.

According to recent filings, the Biden-Harris reelection campaign has amassed $91 million in donations.

The campaign has the account registered with the Federal Election Commission in the name of both candidates, so Harris could use those funds to run for President if Biden drops out, according to experts cited in an AP article.

If Biden drops out and Harris decides she doesn’t want to run, only $2,000 could be transferred from those funds to a new candidate.

Good luck to any new candidate trying to form a campaign and appeal to voters with virtually no cash, and little time or means to raise the millions necessary to run for President.

Political Action Committees could be formed to try and raise money for a new candidate, but there would be limits on how much could be sent, according to the AP article.

A report in the Wall Street Journal added that Biden couldn’t fully transfer any of the campaign’s $91 million to Harris until he becomes the party’s official nominee at its August convention, which is giving Biden incentive to wait until after the convention ends to decide his election status.

Whether Biden stands firm or caves to the pressure of some in his own party and pulls out of the race will be decided soon enough.

If he does leave, the finances are dictating that the only alternative Democrats have to rally behind — and move forward with — is Harris.

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