Virginia man joins nationwide movement by putting Christmas lights back up to lift spirits

With so much concern and confusion about the coronavirus, a Virginia man is hoping to spread some joy and cheer with Christmas lights.

For Michael Harless, it’s Christmas time in March.

“It’s just happiness. It’s cheer. I was thinking about a time back in the 80′s during Christmas when everything was closed, and you couldn’t get anywhere and we were still happy, and I thought: if I could see my lights right now, I would feel better, I would feel happy," said Harless.

Uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic is causing many to feel stress and worry.

“That not knowing makes us a little bit more afraid," said Harless.

To curb that fear, his mission is to put a smile on people’s faces.

“If I’m driving by, it makes me excited, so imagine what a kid is going to be like if they see this popping up," said Harless.

But Harless is also eager to spark a movement. He’s working with a company in Texas called “The Christmas Light Emporium,” spreading the campaign message to “put your lights back up!”

“When people drive around and look at Christmas lighting, it makes people smile," said Darren Vader with the Christmas Light Emporium. "My sort of philosophy is that there’s a sort of heartfelt feeling that comes with that.”

Right now, even the smallest gesture counts.

“Localizing it to your neighborhood or to your street, it’s good enough, it’s an impact,” said Vader.

This idea does seem to be catching on with folks around the country, some are using the Twitter hashtag #lightsforlife and #coronakindness when posting the pictures of their Christmas lights.

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