Chocolate milk will NOT be leaving this Virginia school division

Highland County Public Schools questioned removing chocolate milk from cafeterias

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

HIGHLAND COUNTY, Va. – Does chocolate milk have too much sugar to be offered at school? This was a question raised by a parent representative during a review of the Health and Wellness Policy for Highland County Public Schools.

In response to the concern, Highland County Public Schools posted a milk update on Facebook that the school division would only serve white milk starting the week of November 16, on a trial basis.

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Thus, the chocolate milk debate began in the comment section with many mixed reviews.

Some were for the removal of chocolate milk stating, “Well it’s a start... removing added sugar at the earliest age possible will DEFINITELY make a positive health change.”

While others were not very supportive saying, “A little sugar is better than no milk,” and, “Well there goes the only 8 oz of milk my child drinks a day...”

A little under 24 hours later, Highland County Public schools posted their second milk update, which stated, “With this large response we have canceled our white milk only trial. Highland Schools will continue to serve chocolate milk in the cafeteria.”

Most were happy to see the trial canceled.

Some comments on the post said, “A win in my book! Thank you for listening to the concerns of the majority,” and, “This proves that your voices do carry weight.”

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