Breaking down the Virginia Department of Education report on student behavior

VIRGINIA – Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of a school shooting in Uvalde, where 19 children and two adults were killed.

With concerning numbers of school shootings and threats not only in our region but around the U.S., 10 News is digging into the data of the most recent school threat statistics.

The data shows how widespread threats are in our schools across our region including those in Roanoke City, Bedford County, Pulaski County, Danville City and Alleghany County.

In Roanoke, there were:

  • 3 instances of illegal possession of handguns
  • 82 instances of threatening, intimidating or instigating violence, injury or harm to another student
  • 19 incidents of being under the influence of controlled substances, illegal drugs, inhalants, or synthetic hallucinogens or unauthorized prescription medications

Bedford County saw:

  • 2 illegal possessions of a handgun
  • 1 illegal possession of a rifle or shotgun
  • 54 threats to students
  • 9 students caught high on school property

In Pulaski County, there was:

  • 1 illegal possession of rifle or shotgun
  • 41 incidents of threatening a classmate
  • 7 under the influence

Two of the districts we looked at, Alleghany County and Danville City had no reports of guns found at schools.

However, Danville City reported:

  • 13 threats to harm another student
  • 4 found under the influence.

In Alleghany County, there were:

  • 12 threats to another student
  • 9 under the influence.

If your school district wasn’t listed, you can find a full spreadsheet of all of the districts in the Commonwealth on the Dept. of Education website.

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Amy Cockerham joined the 10 News team in January 2023.

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