Police: New suspect wanted in connection to downtown Roanoke shooting, original suspect not involved

A video of the shooting has gone viral on Twitter

By Heather Butterworth - Digital Content Producer, Jeff Williamson - Digital Content Manager, Samantha Smith - Digital Content Producer


Authorities say after further investigation, they found that a man they believed was connected to a downtown Roanoke shooting was not involved after all. 

Officers originally believed that Tyriek Jordan was connected to the incident, but after further investigation say he was in fact not involved. The Roanoke Police Department is now searching for a different suspect in connection to the shooting that happened on May 12. 

Authorities say Timothy Pendleton, 35, of Buchanan, was shot in the hip during the incident because of an argument that stemmed from someone throwing up on someone else's shoes in Awful Arthur's a short time prior. 

Police are asking for the public's help finding the new suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call 540-344-8500. 


Roanoke police have arrested a man they believe shot someone downtown over the weekend and are also looking for another man.

Twenty-nine-year-old Roanoke resident Javoun Shamire Jordan is charged with malicious wounding. Online records show he was arrested Tuesday and is being held without bond. 

Police say 30-year-old Tyriek Jordan, of Patterson, New Jersey, is wanted on a charge of malicious wounding in connection with Sunday morning's shooting. Police are asking for help finding Jordan.

The shooting happened on the corner of Market Square early Sunday morning as the bars let out.

Police say Timothy Pendleton, 35, of Buchanan, was shot in the hip because of an argument that stemmed from someone throwing up on someone else's shoes in Awful Arthur's a short time prior.

A video of the shooting has gone viral on Twitter, prompting reactions from the community.

Police Chief Tim Jones addressed the video and expressed frustration earlier this week in a fiery news conference. 

"This isn't some kind of rap video. This is a place where we live. This is where people are supposed to take personal responsibility for their actions and try to de-escalate and get people out of trouble," said Jones. "But that's not what we see. And that's not what we see all too often in our downtown." 

Jones said there were 10 officers in close proximity to the shooting, and the shooter still "nonchalantly" walked over to a car to grab a gun. For this reason, he said adding more officers is not the answer, and instead described a culture of violence. 

Jones said that the department is considering accessory charges for others involved with the shooting and the video.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Roanoke Police Department at 540-344-8500.

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