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One of the key issues businesses are facing is job retention. How can you keep good employees engaged, enthusiastic and happy? Well, what if your company allowed you to work from anywhere you wanted for an extended period? You would be remote, in a destination of your choosing — would that be of interest to you? Believe it or not, that scenario is a reality for some. And that is just one exciting incentive that we’ll talk about.

We heard several labor experts around the country talk about the power shift in the workforce. From employer to employee. Some folks choose not to work instead of taking a job they hate or one that does not work with their lifestyle. Some workers are simply burned out and find it easier to “quiet-quit” than give the traditional two weeks’ notice. Their story and the flip side: “quiet-firing” will be covered.

And in Houston, a fight against one of the largest labor trafficking hubs in the country is on. Many workers are trying to make ends meet without legal status or documentation. Still, because of their vulnerable positions in society, they are being pushed around by traffickers who demand work with little or no pay. Policy and enforcement are just two (of many) solutions working to change the story in Texas.

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